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Trim it?

Some horses have good foot and leg conformation and their owners want to ride them without shoes. If you have a horse that is conformationally suited to do so then go ahead and try. This horse is a cross-bred Haflinger. These feet are a very good size in proportion to his body.




This horse has a very thick strong hoof wall and correspondingly a thick hard sole. He has never worn shoes and is ridden on a variety of surfaces including pavement, gravel, trails and light jumping in the ring. The only thing the owner has had to watch out for is whether or not the rate of hoof growth is keeping up with the rate of wear.



Even horses with strong hooves that you think might be comfortable going barefoot can be damaged and made sore through unbalanced trimming.





You can see the deep rings and red bruising from the impact of an unbalanced hoof on hard surfaces. With continued and proper trimming these hooves will restore themselves to a healthy balance and the red bruising will grow out.





"shoes are not neccessarily bad for horses but BAD SHOEING IS!