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Feed it?

Aside from the obvious overgrowth of these hooves, you can see the vertical fine cracks in the wall caused by nutritional deficiencies. Proper balanced trimming alone will not restore these hooves to optimal health. Certain proteins, B-vitamins and minerals found in various hoof supplements are needed. Specifically, methianine, zinc and biotin. These three are the main nutrients found to be vital in repairing these kinds of cracks.


This is a fairly early stage of nutritional deficiency. It is very common to see these degrade into deeper cracks that spread from the ground to the coronary band and affect the entire wall.





The area on either side of the pillares is the most noticeable. These cracks can get to the point where they cover any and all of the hoof surface, making the foot too weak to hold a shoe or even stay barefoot!




This is a good example of hooves that could use some biotin. Note the crumbling and flaking away of the hoof wall below the nail line.





"shoes are not neccessarily bad for horses but BAD SHOEING IS!