Old Tyme Blacksmithing


Art Gallery

Hand-forged Candlesticks.......
Snakes made from..........
......farriers' rasp.

Contemporary design farm signs made in likeness......

...of owner's favourite horse


This is a mockup of an element to be used in the making of a patio table. Each element is made up of a collection of only two shapes arranged in a pattern and will be held together with collars. With a little imagination, quite a variety of patterns can be developed by grouping together simple components

Wrought iron hand-forged sign made in a more traditional style

This is another example of a more traditional style of blacksmithing.
Every piece and every process in the making of this sign was done completely by hand - no modern machinery was used. All of the pieces were cut by hand using hammer and chisel and all of the welding was done the old-fashioned way in the coal forge. All of the pieces were assembled with traditional joinery using rivets and collars

A rather funky boot scraper made for the back door to clean your boots off when coming in from the barn.

An artist's hand crafted forge

Decorative free-standing firescreen

Custom designed candelabra. Designed to fit inside a fireplace to
be used on those hot summer days when your crackling fire is too warm
but the ambiance of light in a fireplace is desired

  Decorative free-standing firescreen .

Details of the forge welding of the leaves that make up this design

More detailed look


Custom designed music stand. Designed to expand to different heights
by the loosening of a thumb screw

Examples of hand-forged drawer pulls.


Detail of the textured leaf used on the wall plaque. The detail creating the 3-dimensional quality of this piece was created using a technique called repousse. The technique involves heating the metal and hammering in the detail using specially made hammers and punches

Detail of a hand-forged wall plaque


Wrought iron ornamental plant hangers

Forged and fabricated fireplace doors

Details of fireplace doors